The Artskills crew

Motley? eclectic? certainly we are.
Artskills is a blog/magazine make by a team of passionate editors.It is for people with a creative sensitivity and wishing to be informed in a playful manner. Creators / photographers / contractors / journalists… with a rich and diverse experience writing articles and news on hot or cold current of digital creation and creation in the broad sense. We also regularly collect images of different universe to compose “inspiration collections”.
Whether for a studio or a recognized agency, of a young creator who makes his firsts weapons or a famous designer, we’ll get you with the same enthusiasm.

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AKAM > Thomas Gayet37 years – AD / graphic designer / entrepreneur

Founder of ARTSKILLS but also AMKASHOP, MYVYNIL and the creative studio (The) Refractions.He was also editor for the magazine Advanced Creation and Webdesign magazine. Passionate about design and technology, he has only one desire; share with the world the best links and information related to the digital art.
HEF > Frédéric Colin40 years – Graphic designer / illustrator

Hef has a passion for graphic design, it has a voracious appetite for everything related to graphic design, graffiti, street art, tattoo, typo, illustration, characters design, lettering, design, etc… Free electron, he enjoys tinkering on the net . He is also a talented cartoonist / Illustrator.
EK333 > Christophe Mozon38 years – AD / illustrator / graphic designer / photographer / urban art lover

Artistic director of the Immaculate agency, he develop a creative style combining smoothness and precision for an experiment increasingly immersive. He will share with us his experiment and its “incisive eye”.
DADA1 > David Chauvin44 years – Editor / contractor / design lover

>DADA1 is the founder of the famous shop online DADAWAN, specializing in graphic T-shirts by independent artists. Impassioned by contemporary art, street art, photography, he always lookout for new talent, he will share his desire to promote creators.
RAD > Nicolas Delille32 years – AD / graphic designer / 3D

RAD is a freelance 3D graphic designer that works for big publicity agencies and magazines. From his Art director background he retains the taste of the framing, design and pointillism for his work, that he likes with a bit of humor, as you will see on his portfolio “Modern Age Studio”. Mad about print, he spent many hours each week to find the image that kills. An advice : follow his posts !

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