AKAM > Thomas Gayet
34 years – AD / graphic designer / contractor
Founder of ARTSKILLS but also AMKASHOP, AMKAPHONE, MYVYNIL and the creative studio (The) Refractions.He was also editor for the magazine Advanced Creation and Webdesign magazine. Passionate about design and technology, he have only one desire; share with the world the best links and information related to the digital art.
MOON > Olivier Menanteau
34 years – AD / graphic designer / illustrator / painter
Creator prolific and talented, it mixed with delight the various techniques of creation and carries out projects ranging from the custom of skateboard through traditional painting and digital graphics creation. A recognized talent that you can discover on its website/blog.
33 years – AD / graphic designer / plastics technician
Inexhaustible on the culture of design in general, whether on ‘history of graphics or techniques related to the tag, it is a informations and links mine. Its news and its work are available on his blog.
ALLY > Alicia Valegjanin
27 years – Journalist
Literature and the Fine Arts are her luggage. Today she is a fashion journalis. And forever, the graphic arts are her passion. Photo, painting, graff, 3D, drawing, design, anything is interesting her. At lost hours, she takes her brush or its objective and launches her into his little creative world. While s’ adapting to the line of Artskills, she hopes to share a more feminine sensibility.
NEOPEN> Nicolas Andre
35 years – AD / graphic designer / motion designer
LENEOPEN works for large groups or marks. His style is very graphic, design, licking and each of his creations benefit of his "so particular touch". Multi media and multi techniques, he can make beautiful "real" paintings but also digital artworks. An artist known as the White Wolf in artistic circles, he is a recognized talent that will share its experience and its inspiration sources.
TOON > Nghia Nguyen Dai
39 years – Editor / contractor / technology lover
TOON is the exception which confirms the rule on Artskills, He iis not a creator but a talented contractor and editor. He is the founder of blogs known MOBIFRANCE (the reference) and W3SH (compelling magazine on trends). Passionate, generous and talented, we will discover with hime the creation in technology in the broad sense. A living library of links!
DADA1> David Chauvin
40 years – Editor / contractor / design lover
DADA1 is the founder of the famous shop online DADAWAN, specializing in graphic T-shirts by independent artists. Impassioned by contemporary art, street art, photography, he always lookout for new talent, he will share his desire to promote creators.
VAL&MANU > Valérie and Emmanuel Baudoux
39 years – Sticker dealer / AD / graphic designer
VAL, founder of the Stickerie. The "sticker dealeuse" on the web, likes to explore talent behind the visual she receives every day to print.
MANU or Monsieur Deez’s a graphic designer and illustrator, tend street art and lover of typography. Co-founder in 2009 of the studio "Chez Marcel" he likes to play up and take down the images to give them new meaning.
They are passionate by pictures ; they will find of on the web they will share with you !

33 years – AD / illustrator / graphic designer / photographer / urban art lover
A talented artist, multi-faceted and multi-techniques making illustrations for major brands and who cultivates a passion for urban art. He s also a sharp photographer, comfortable in the artistic direction of specialized thematic books. Hir tumblr presents a little part of his many talents.
EK333 > Christophe Mozon
35 years – AD / graphic designer
Artistic director of the Immaculate agency, he develop a creative style combining smoothness and precision for an experiment increasingly immersive. He will share with us his experiment and its “incisive eye”.
JOOLZ > Julien Morel
40 years – AD / graphic designer
JOOLZ is an Illustrator and a graphic designer who makes graphic, incisive, nerve and high quality images that you can discover on his portfolio. Generous and passionate, this active blogger, propose us links which universe was not yet represented on Artskills.
MONOVISUA > Olivier Seni
36 years – AD / graphic designer / illustrator
Crazy illustrator of detail, he operates on the toys/skates/surfs/longboards, on paper and on computer. His tools of choice are felt, the bic or even the posca. Passionate about urban design and by the "hand made work",he is full of excellent links. He is currently working for the Pull-in brand.

MISTER GU > Günther Gheeraert
27 years – Director / Motion designer / AD
Günther Gheeraert a.k.a. Mister Gü creates, adapts and develops visual identities for prestigious brands, performs music clips or simply creates more personal and experimental videos. He mixes both his graphic designer backgorund and his experience to create motion design video. All the news and its work are available on his blog.
RAD > Nicolas Delille
28 years – AD / graphic designer / 3D
RAD is a freelance 3D graphic designer that works for big publicity agencies and magazines. From his Art director background he retains the taste of the framing, design and pointillism for his work, that he likes with a bit of humor, as you will see on his portfolio “Modern Age Studio”. Mad about print, he spent many hours each week to find the image that kills. An advice : follow his posts !
HEF > Frédéric Colin
37 years – Graphic designer / illustrator
Hef has a passion for graphic design, it has a voracious appetite for everything related to graphic design, graffiti, street art, tattoo, typo, illustration, characters design, lettering, design, etc… Free electron, he enjoys tinkering on the net . He is also a talented cartoonist / Illustrator.