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19 June 2012 - by akam
It is the name of the artist series by Kumi Yamashita who plays with shadows and l…
14 June 2012 - by akam
Peugeot launch their new design studio ! The “Peugeot Design Lab”…
7 June 2012 - by akam
I’m falling in love with the work of the incredible designer/artist Ant
30 May 2012 - by akam
The stunning tires sculptures of Belgian artist Wim Delvoye. I can’t im…
7 May 2012 - by akam
Superb paperboard sculptures of Bartek Elsner, the “branch” is…
10 April 2012 - by akam
A really great idea by Maskull Lasserre with this skull head cuts in a book.
tableau poster et affiche