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Tuesday 26 March 2013 - by moon

Gerald est un chien, un chien papier…

More than 100 of the world’s most exciting and influential artists, illustrators have taken a paper dog
and made it their own as part of the two-year Gerald Project. Culminating in a book launch and
exhibition taking place at New York Design Week, the collaborative sculpture exchange is one of the
most ambitious in the history of art and design.

Starting in 2011, hundreds of paper dogs have been shipped from the UK to artists’ studios in
Europe, USA, Australia, Argentina, South Korea and New Zealand, with the only instruction to
creatives being to put their own spin on the emerging design classic. Only now that all of the Geralds
have been returned to their master, can the beautiful, bold and brash results be seen together for
the first time.

Gerald was born in 2008 as part of a rebrand for British design studio, Lazerian. Established by Liam
Hopkins, the studio works to develop innovative solutions in furniture, lighting, interiors,
installations and other products by working in materials which are often overlooked. This has
included affordable plywood, cardboard and paper.

Lazerian’s contribution to the pantheon of classic design, Gerald was the result of a collaborative
project between Hopkins and fellow 3D designer Richard Sweeney. The two worked on the outline
of the dog on paper, developing a flattened pattern before printing out the components and hand
cutting, folding and gluing them until they reached a stage that they hit on a pattern that could be
easily reproduced. By 2009 Lazerian held the blueprint for a free standing paper dog that anyone
could make at home with a sharp knife, glue and a healthy degree of patience. The small dog came
as just nine easy to assemble paper panels, with the larger versions made by the studio taking 88
components to be able to stand.
Gerald’s outline is directly inspired by the Bracco Italiano, a handsome gun dog that is known for its
devotion to its master. It was chosen as a mascot for Lazerian to evoke the same spirit of loyalty,
affection and heritage that the design house instils in every project, brief and collaboration.
Joining Lazerian to celebrate the completion of the project is James Cropper, the 170 year old British
paper mill who will use their publishing experience to create a high quality, limited edition, large
format hardback book featuring all 120 of the paper dogs alongside artist reflections on what the
project and Gerald means to them.

The Gerald and James exhibition and book launch will take place during New York Design Week 2013
at 60 Reade, off Broadway between Thursday 16 – Sunday 19 May 2013. The exhibition has been
designed and made by Liam Hopkins, the hounds are displayed in custom built steel and clear plastic
dog kennels, the installation will offer 360 degree views of each Gerald, displaying them in all their
glory. Available in kit form, limited edition prints of the artist-designed dogs will also be available to
buy for Gerald fans to make their own versions at home.

Lazerian :
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L’ensemble des chiens sont visibles ici :
Le mien est ici 🙂

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